About sugar


Actually, they’re a Korean group, but I can say that their Japanese is amazing (although you can tell their accent at times)! I first heard them on the anime ‘Kaleidostar’ when they did the first opening and the ending songs. One of the original members left and they welcomed a new member, but unlike the group dream that I came to dislike after the new members, I can say that I still liked them ^^ Unfortunately, they disbanded in December 2006.
sugar’s wikipedia article can be found HERE♡

Their singles are arranged by their release years followed by the albums listed by their names. I don’t have the kanji for the last song in “Double Rainbow” because there was none. According to an online message board, this song is titled ‘What is dream?” and it could possibly be a ‘thank you track’ (it was track 39 -> san-kyuu ->thank you) since it was their debut album.


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